I am a Creative Consultant who will help turn your abstract ideas into visual and innovative solutions by using my skills in creative problem solving, attention to detail, and adaptability.


Creative Concept + Execution

Data visualization is the art and science of transforming data into visual context, such as graphs, charts, maps, and infographics, to make complex information more accessible and understandable. By leveraging visual elements, I help uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that might go unnoticed in text-based data. Whether used in business intelligence, scientific research, or everyday problem-solving, data visualization is a powerful tool for translating raw data into a compelling visual story.


Creative Concept + Slide Creation

I design presentations using visual storytelling to harness the power of imagery, design elements, and narrative techniques to create compelling and memorable presentations. By integrating visuals such as infographics, animations, and engaging graphics, these presentations go beyond mere data display to weave a coherent and impactful story. This approach not only captures the audience's attention but also aids in better comprehension and retention of information. 


Brand strategy + Visual Identity

Designing learning material involves creating educational resources that are engaging, effective, and tailored to the needs of learners. The goal is to create a dynamic learning experience that accommodates various learning styles, promotes active participation, and fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter. By leveraging instructional design principles and technology, well-designed L&D materials empower learners to acquire new skills, improve performance, and achieve their professional and personal development goals.


"Jasmine Reddington is a true creative partner that can transform complex content into powerful visual stories. Her talent, leadership, and adaptability allow her to drive a vision for design and execute it flawlessly."

"Jasmine is one of the most collaborative, visionary creatives I have had the opportunity to work with. She has a knack for translating an idea into a cohesive design and making it a reality. "

"Jasmine is an A+++ player and would recommend her for any team looking to take creative design to the next level. One of the strongest thought partners I’ve ever had."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jasmine Reddington for several years and would highly recommend her to join your team! She is extremely reliable, creative, a team player and a fantastic person over all.